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How to sew folded hem without a FOLDER

What is the HEM about?

A folded hem can be sewn in a few different ways without the need for a folder. The first method involves the use of two needles. Your hem will seem more professional as a result. The use of a zigzag stitch is an additional method. Your hem will appear more polished as a result. And lastly, you might employ a serger. Your hem will look neat and polished after doing this


What is the FOLDER about?

The FOLDER is a piece of equipment (a tool) for making hems without having to manually fold the fabric. It is a premade shape that your fabric hem folding shape does not need manual handling. These folders will be made from stainless steel. It will position the foot and secure the machine feeding bed.

Different manufacturers produce various types of folders.


Different manufacturers produce various types of folders.

Example of a standard Hem folder

You can learn how to sew the hem (bottom hem, sleeve hem, or pocket hem) without a typical folder using this technique.


Detailed instructions on how to make it.


Step 01 – Simple Equipment is required for this

  • A piece of thick paper (Approx. 7 cm x 2 cm)2. A twister3. Gum tape with two sides


Attach the cardboard piece to the surface using double-sided tape.

Step 02 – Attach the cardboard piece to the surface using double-sided tape.

  • Apply it, leaving a 2 cm margin around the edge (do not adhere the outer layer yet).
  • Observe the example below.


Step 03 – Insert the fabric piece by folding the edge inward.

  • The paper should be folded twice from the edge. There shouldn’t be any gum on the edge.
  • The amount of folding will change depending on your needs (hem height). Make sure the folding width is uniform as well. Use a twister to fold it.


Insert the fabric piece by folding the edge inward.

The sticky glue tape’s thick coating should be removed.


Let's begin hemming.

Step 04 – Let’s begin hemming.

  • The second folded edge should be measured to line up with the needle and placed horizontally on the machine bed just below the foot.


Let's begin hemming.

The fabric piece should now be placed on top of the unfolded cardboard tape. Ensure that the fabric’s face side is inside.


03. Together with the cardboard piece, fold it twice using the fabric. Make sure the fabric and the cardboard piece are folded in the same manner.

04. To avoid it from unfolding, start the swing by holding your finger against a folded piece of cardboard.

The evenly folded hem stitch throughout the hem area is now visible.This technique can be used to hem any sort of fabric and is suggested for sewing beginners.

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